We believe in the transformative power of culture

Welcome to Workzinga, where we believe in the transformative power of culture in shaping the modern workplace. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision: to redefine the relationship between companies and their employees, moving beyond the conventional metrics of experience, education, and hard skills to a deeper, more meaningful connection rooted in shared beliefs, values, and goals.

In today's dynamic business environment, understanding and integrating cultural alignment into talent management strategies has never been more critical. This realization sparked the creation of our suite of innovative assessment solutions, designed to bridge the gap between individuals and the organizational cultures they navigate.

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Our Purpose

Our mission is to empower companies to unlock the full potential of their workforce by fostering a culture-oriented relationship. We want to create a world where everyone, from the boss to the newest hire, feels like they truly belong and are working towards the same big picture.


Our Approach

Using our proprietary assessment, we provide insights into how well individuals align with a company's culture—whether they are potential hires, current employees, or part of a team undergoing a merger or acquisition. This approach allows for a holistic understanding of cultural fit, enabling organizations to make informed data-driven decisions that contribute to a productive workplace.


Why Culture Matters

We believe that a strong alignment between an individual's values and the organization's culture leads to enhanced job satisfaction, increased loyalty, and improved performance. By focusing on cultural alignment, we help companies not only attract but also retain talent that resonates with their core values and vision, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment that transcends traditional employment relationships.


Our Promise

Our team is committed to helping organizations navigate the complexities of cultural alignment with ease and precision. Our suite of solutions is more than just a measure of compatibility; it's a pathway to building more resilient, adaptive, and innovative workplaces. By prioritizing culture, we help lay the foundation for a future where companies and employees thrive together, united by shared aspirations and values.


Join Us

We invite you to join us on this journey towards creating workplaces where cultural alignment builds engagement, drives retention and unlocks results! By focusing on a culture-first approach, we’re aiming to create work environments that are not just successful but are also places where everyone loves to be on a Monday morning.

"Dan and his team at Workzinga exhibit remarkable attention to detail and analytical expertise. Their responsiveness to our inquiries and needs has been exceptional, always addressing our concerns promptly and with clarity." - C. Watts, Manager

Meet our team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

  • Dan2 2

    Dan Hunter

    Founder LinkedIn

    I am the founder of Workzinga, a Nashville, Tennessee startup helping companies drive retention and engagement by building culturally-aligned workforces. Before Workzinga, I managed revenue cycle operations for various healthcare companies, building and leading call center and back office operations. After spending my career interviewing and hiring hundreds of employees, I saw firsthand the challenges today’s recruiting processes have and the dramatic impact of poor culture alignment on both employees and companies. This experience spurred my desire to develop hiring solutions emphasizing company culture alignment and help companies build long lasting and engaged workforces.

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  • Margarida 2

    Dr. Margarida Rafael

    Science Officer LinkedIn

    I am originally from Lisbon, Portugal, and moved to Chicago to get my master's and doctorate degrees in clinical psychology. My clinical experience in the administration and development of various psychological tests culminated in a full-time dedication to research in the industrial and organizational fields. Currently, I am the head of psychological sciences at Workzinga, working as a researcher and assessment content creator. I continue to see patients in my private practice for therapy and psychological assessments.

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  • Nathan 2

    Nathan Taggart

    Technology Officer LinkedIn

    I am a technologist, entrepreneur, board member, and angel investor. As an advisor to Workzinga, I bring my experience in product-led growth from New Relic, data science leadership from GitHub, and entrepreneurial background from Techstars, including from my own startups and from my advisory and angel investor roles.

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  • Connie 2

    Connie Hill

    Head of Data Science LinkedIn

    I am currently the Head of Data Science at Workzinga. For the past 20 years, I have been involved in sales support and data analytics roles in the consumer goods sector. The unwavering focus of Workzinga on company culture resonates deeply with my belief that a harmonious and vibrant workplace is the breeding ground for innovation and creativity. I emphasize that "Data-infused insights are the pivotal element in aligning individuals with a company's culture." Revealing these shared values through a tool for both organizations and job seekers marks a transformative shift in the workplace.

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  • Joan 2

    Joan Patrick

    Head of Experience LinkedIn

    I joined Workzinga as the Head of Experience, where I am chiefly responsible for the client ecosystem as well as numerous special projects. Before Workzinga, I spent over 15 years in the sports and entertainment industry, leading event security operations and teams in some of the largest venues in the US. Much of that time involved talent acquisition of seasonal and full-time employees, during which I recognized firsthand the major impact workplace culture has on retention and employee satisfaction.

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  • Julie 2

    Julie Barnick

    Principal Engineer LinkedIn

    I am a Principal Engineer at Workzinga. Previously, I have helped build products and teams at startups in the Healthcare, Digital Media, and PropTech Industries. With three decades of experience, I am passionate about architecting and building systems that will easily allow product growth and experimentation to set young companies up for success.

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  • Lauren2 2

    Lauren Hunter

    Research Services Manager LinkedIn

    As a recent Psychology graduate, I joined Workzinga to lead our Research efforts, utilizing my experience with various personality tests to formulate our assessment strategy. Having used personality and psychometric tests in a variety of novel ways I was able to help us develop what has become a ground-breaking concept in pre-employment testing. I am also the "Content Queen," heading Workzinga's Content Department while also assisting the Experience team with client-specific questions about how best to apply our culture solution in their workplaces.

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  • Dejannae 2

    Dejannae Lang

    I/O Practitioner LinkedIn

    I joined the Workzinga science team as their Industrial and Organizational Practitioner, specializing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I bring with me a wealth of experience outside of DEI through identifying interpersonal skills to fit the proper work environments, conducting leadership development, and servant leadership training. My experiences and training in I/O psychology over time have sharpened my awareness of organizational/cultural relations, organizational processes, employee engagement, employee development, and employee well-being. Presently, I consult independently for organizations through various consulting firms.

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