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Welcome to our product showcase, where innovation meets practicality in the realm of workplace culture. Our portfolio is dedicated to unlocking the potential of every organization by ensuring a seamless integration between individual values and company ethos. Discover how we can help you foster a more cohesive and aligned workplace environment.

Workplace Culture Profile.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of an individual's cultural preferences with our Workplace Culture Profile, which describes in detail what they're looking for in the workplace across 5 key categories.
Workplace Culture Profile with Alignment Index.
Take the next step and elevate your insight further with our Workplace Culture Profile enhanced with the Alignment Index, comparing individual cultural preferences directly to your company's baseline, for a comprehensive and objective view of cultural alignment and synergy.

Workzinga's Product Strategy

In today's competitive environment, the match between an employee's personal culture preferences and their employer's organizational culture is critical for success. Workzinga is at the forefront of innovation, transforming how companies interact with their cultural identity. We don't just produce tools; we're pioneering pathways for companies to flourish by building culturally aligned workforces. Our solutions are at the forefront of technology, tailored to narrow the divide between a company's current state and its ambitions, all through cultural alignment.

Leveraging our proprietary assessments, we pave the way for a stronger bond between team members and their organizations, cultivating a space where respect, mutual understanding, and a unified vision are the norm. Explore our products and discover why we're leading the charge in building teams that are not just culturally cohesive but also energized by their shared values.

Data 2

Evidence-Based Solutions

Our commitment to data integrity means every solution we provide is anchored in evidence, translating vast datasets into clear, actionable strategies for cultural alignment and organizational development.

Science 2

Science-Backed Assessments

Our tools and culture assessments are the products of rigorous scientific research, marrying the latest findings in organizational psychology with practical application, designed to deliver empirically driven outcomes that support both individual growth and organizational success.

Future 2

Future-Ready Strategies

Our products are not just about understanding the current cultural fit; they're designed to anticipate and adapt to future organizational and workforce changes, ensuring long-term relevance and utility.

WCP Tablet

Workplace Culture Profile

Unlock the full potential of your organizational culture with our Workplace Culture Profile. This comprehensive assessment tool delves deep into the cultural preferences of individuals across five critical categories, providing an extensive profile that illuminates how employees or job applicants align with your organization's ethos. By offering nuanced insights into each person's cultural inclinations, the Workplace Culture Profile enables leaders to make informed decisions that enhance team dynamics, foster inclusivity, and drive forward the company's cultural objectives.

WCP with AI report

Workplace Culture Profile with Alignment Index

Elevate your understanding of cultural fit to new heights with our enhanced Workplace Culture Profile, now featuring the Alignment Index. Building on the solid foundation of the Workplace Culture Profile, this powerful addition compares individual profiles with your company's baseline culture, offering quantifiable data points across all five categories. The result? A detailed, enriched profile that not only reveals the nuances of individual cultural preferences but also provides an overall Alignment Index percentage, showcasing the degree of cultural alignment between the person and your organization. This amplified feature transforms the Workplace Culture Profile into an even more strategic asset for achieving unparalleled harmony within your teams.

Are you interested in our Workplace Culture Profile for personal use?

Workzinga has created a solution which helps individuals understand their preferences for workplace culture, which empowers them in their job search and career planning efforts.

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