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In today’s workplace, the key to a vibrant and cohesive environment is rooted in a deep understanding of individual cultural preferences. The Workplace Culture Profile was developed with a clear focus: to offer organizations a detailed framework for gaining insight into what individuals are seeking in a workplace environment. By capturing a broad spectrum of cultural preferences across five distinct categories, this tool prioritizes knowledge and awareness, enabling a more nuanced understanding of each person’s unique perspective and values. This approach empowers companies to foster an environment where every employee’s cultural identity is understood, and aligns with the organizational culture the company wants to foster.
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What We Built

We revolutionized the way companies connect with individuals by offering a comprehensive assessment that delves into the 26 characteristics which describe the preferences, values, and key factors they prioritize in the workplace. By completing our culture assessment, a rich Workplace Culture Profile is generated, which offers organizations greater insight to gauge the potential cultural fit of individuals. Our solution supports a range of applications, ensuring every organizational interaction is informed and strategic.

What We Measure

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Organizational climate...the unique blend of dynamics and principles that shape the workplace environment, embodying the collective spirit and operational tone of the organization.

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These are the core principles and ethical standards that are pivotal in shaping decision-making, goal-setting, behavior, interpersonal relationships and collaboration within a professional setting.

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This category pinpoints the specific leadership style that an individual thrives under, providing essential insights into how they can best be guided and inspired for peak performance.

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We analyze the core motivators that propel individuals towards peak performance. This knowledge is crucial for recognizing potential synergies between individuals and the broader organizational mission.

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Job Persona

We dive into the unique blend of personality and behavior traits that individuals bring to their jobs. By examining these personal attributes, we can gauge how well an individual’s working style aligns with specific job functions.

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Scientifically Validated

Crafted by our expert team of psychologists and psychometricians, the Workplace Culture Profile offers an in-depth and precise overview of an individual's compatibility with various workplace cultures, derived from their responses to our proprietary assessment. This assessment has undergone a thorough validation process by our Science team, adhering to the highest standards of psychometric analysis, to guarantee dependable insight into the optimal work environment for each test taker. The design of our questions, inherently neutral without any right or wrong answers and tailored specifically to professional contexts, plays a crucial role in the assessment's accuracy. It ensures the genuineness of responses and aligns with our goal of tapping into the respondent's authentic professional mindset.

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Benefits of the Workplace Culture Profile

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Comprehensive Insights

Our solution delves deep into the intricacies of individual workplace culture preferences, providing a rich, multidimensional understanding that goes beyond conventional methods. With our comprehensive Workplace Culture Profile, companies can access a level of detail about an individual’s values, norms, and preferences that was previously unreachable.

This depth of information transforms the way organizations think about integration, team dynamics, and workplace cohesion. It allows for a nuanced appreciation of diversity within the workplace, highlighting how varied perspectives contribute to a stronger, more adaptive environment. By embracing this broad spectrum of insights, companies are better equipped to make informed decisions, tailor their management approaches, and foster a company culture that resonates with every member of their team.

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Authentic Cultural Preferences

Discovering the genuine cultural inclinations of individuals within an organization can be challenging through traditional methods, which often skim the surface or rely on self-reporting biases. Our solution cuts through these limitations by offering a window into the authentic cultural preferences of employees and applicants. Through our comprehensive culture assessment, we unearth the core values and expectations that individuals hold, which might otherwise remain obscured.

By achieving this level of authenticity companies ensure they connect more deeply with their team members, aligning projects, teams, and leaders with each person's unique cultural preferences. It's about creating a workplace where everyone feels truly understood and valued, paving the way for genuine engagement and satisfaction.

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Strategic Planning

Understanding the cultural dynamics of your workforce is not just about creating a pleasant work environment—it's a strategic imperative. Our Workplace Culture Profile equips companies with actionable data and insights, enabling them to understand the driving forces behind their workforce's motivations and behaviors.

Having this awareness is invaluable for strategic planning, from designing organizational structures that reflect the true nature of your workforce to developing programs that address the evolving needs and preferences of your team. With this knowledge, companies can anticipate changes, adapt to new trends, and create environments where innovation thrives. It’s a strategic tool that helps ensure the longevity and success of your organization by aligning your long-term goals with the cultural fabric of your workforce.

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