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In our pursuit to redefine the understanding of workplace culture, we've introduced the Alignment Index, elevating the utility of the Workplace Culture Profile to unprecedented heights. This innovative feature offers a dynamic and objective comparison, blending the individual's cultural preferences with the company's organizational culture, using actionable data and insightful analysis. By employing this data-driven tool, companies can accurately assess the level of alignment between an employee's values and the overarching cultural norms, providing a clear, quantifiable indicator of cultural alignment. This enhanced analysis helps to cultivate a work environment where individual values and the company's cultural landscape resonate well together, fostering greater team cohesion and a more integrated organizational culture.
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By bridging the gap between personal values and organizational ethos, the Alignment Index provides a clear, quantifiable measure of cultural congruity. It's not just about identifying similarities and differences; it's about crafting a roadmap for cohesive, inclusive environments where every individual can thrive.

With the Alignment Index, organizations can now navigate the complexities of cultural integration with confidence, ensuring alignment that fosters mutual growth, understanding, and a shared vision for success. This tool is your gateway to building a vibrant, adaptive, and aligned workplace.

Using the Alignment Index is as easy as...

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Creating A Company Baseline

Begin by embarking on a journey of self-discovery; you will invite various team members from your organization to complete brief, insightful surveys ranging from 3 to 10 minutes. These surveys delve into the core of your company culture, uncovering the values that drive your mission, the leadership styles that guide your teams, and more. Responses contribute to a comprehensive baseline of your organizational culture. This initial step is effortless yet pivotal, laying the groundwork for meaningful comparisons and insights.

step 2

The Individual's Assessment

Now, we turn the spotlight onto the individual, inviting them to complete our proprietary culture assessment and take steps on their own path towards self-awareness. This step is both intuitive and insightful, designed to effortlessly guide participants through questions that reveal their cultural preferences and values, culminating in a truly authentic view of their ideal workplace environment. The process is streamlined to ensure participation is not just easy but also enjoyable, paving the way for a Workplace Culture Profile that truly reflects each individual’s unique cultural preferences.

step 3

Crafting the Alignment Index

With the foundation set and individual assessment completed, our proprietary algorithm takes center stage. It meticulously analyzes the nuances between your company's baseline culture and an individual's Workplace Culture Profile, giving you an objective understanding of the level of alignment.. This comparison is not just about numbers; it's about understanding the depths of cultural alignment. The outcome is a refined Workplace Culture Profile, now enriched with the Alignment Index. This report showcases the synergy between personal preferences and your organizational culture across all five categories, culminating in an overall Alignment Index percentage.

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What You Get With The Alignment Index


Objective Cultural Insight

The Alignment Index offers your organization an objective lens through which to view cultural alignment, moving beyond subjective interpretations and biases. This quantifiable measure provides a clear perspective on your cultural alignment, facilitating transparent discussions and decisions regarding cultural integration within your company.


Culture Alignment Data Points

The Alignment Index transforms cultural analysis from a qualitative to a quantitative discipline for your company, enabling data-driven insights. This shift allows for a more scientific approach to understanding and discussing company culture, elevating the conversation to strategic levels within your organization.


Benchmarking Capability

With the Alignment Index, your company gains the ability to benchmark its cultural alignment over time. This quantifiable data allows for the tracking of cultural shifts within your organization, offering insights into how strategic decisions and changes impact the overall culture.


Facilitates Continuous Cultural Improvement

The quantifiable nature of the Alignment Index empowers your organization to set clear goals for cultural alignment levels in your organization. By providing a measurable way to assess progress, your company can systematically enhance its cultural cohesion and alignment efforts.

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Comprehensive Cultural Mapping

The Alignment Index provides your organization with a comprehensive overview of cultural dynamics by comparing individual profiles against your company culture baseline. This broad overview aids in identifying overarching cultural trends, strengths, and areas for improvement across your organization.

Cultural Alignment As A Financial Strategy

According to Gartner, achieving alignment between an organization’s workforce and its culture can improve performance against revenue goals by up to 9%, enhance employee performance by up to 22%, and better reputation outcomes by up to 16%.

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