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The Other Side of the Table
Understanding the Hiring Process from the Candidate's View

In any organization, the recruitment mechanism is an intricate dance. Hiring managers approach this process armed with a checklist of skills, experiences, and cultural fit parameters. For them, it's about ensuring that the chosen candidate possesses the required expertise and aligns seamlessly with the company's ethos and future goals. By orchestrating interviews, screening resumes, and liaising with stakeholders, hiring managers aim to sculpt their company's future workforce. While hiring managers see a systematic process, candidates often see a maze. For them, every step, every email, every interaction can be both an opportunity and a challenge. By shifting our perspective to align with theirs, we can bridge the gap between organizational needs and candidate expectations, resulting in a smoother, more efficient hiring experience for all parties involved.

Joan Patrick

Head of Experience

The ABC’s of Culture-Focused Interviewing

In today's competitive job market, finding the right candidate goes beyond skills and qualifications. It's about finding someone who aligns with your organization's culture and values. Enter culture-focused interviews – a crucial tool in the hiring process. Culture-focused interviews assess whether a candidate's attitudes, values, and work style harmonize with the company's culture. Organizations can determine if a candidate is strongly aligned with the organization by delving into personality traits, communication styles, and problem-solving approaches.

Dan Hunter


Creating a Safe Space
Ensuring Psychological Safety in Interviews

When you think about an interview, what comes to mind? You most likely think about a nerve-wracking process where you have to prove your worth. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine a world where interviews are not only about assessing skills and qualifications but also about understanding the individual’s perspectives and ideas. That world is possible, and it starts with psychological safety. In this article, we’ll delve into how to ensure psychological safety in interviews.

Lauren Hunter

Research Services Manager

A New Kind of Interview

Job seekers and hiring managers face the same challenge: a more effective and objective process that shortens the hiring process. Empirical-based assessments solve the problem for both parties. An ethical hiring process is objective, reduces unconscious bias, and eliminates discrimination. For the company, higher productivity, increased employee retention, and a reduction in costs associated with turnover are additional benefits of utilizing assessments during the hiring process. Pre-employment testing allows companies to screen, identify, and assess a candidate at a fraction of the cost of extended work trials. Still, they're only effective when using the right tool.

Dr. Margarida Rafael

Science Officer