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Confronting Ageism
Addressing the Hidden Bias in Today's Workplace

Ageism. We've all heard the term, but how many of us have taken the time to understand what it means, especially in our workplaces? It's an issue often swept under the rug but has far-reaching implications. Picture this: Sarah, a 58-year-old marketing executive, is passed over for a promotion in favor of a younger colleague, despite her extensive experience and proven track record. She can't help but feel her age played a role. This is just one example of ageism in action. It's a hidden bias that affects countless individuals and businesses alike, and it's high time we addressed it.

Lauren Hunter

Research Services Manager

The Dark Side of Office Cliques
The Danger of Microcultures at Work

Have you ever walked into your workplace and felt like you’ve stepped into a high school cafeteria? Unfortunately, microcultures and exclusivity in the workplace can bring back those all-too-familiar memories. While a sense of belonging and camaraderie among employees is beautiful, the inherent risks of exclusion, discrimination, and decreased collaboration must not be overlooked. These risks become even more pronounced when microcultures form in the workplace, creating exclusive clubs with their own unwritten rules and social hierarchies. This article will examine the detrimental effects microcultures and cliques can have in the workplace and provide practical strategies to promote a more equitable and thriving professional environment.

Joan Patrick

Head of Experience