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A New Kind of Interview

Job seekers and hiring managers face the same challenge: a more effective and objective process that shortens the hiring process. Empirical-based assessments solve the problem for both parties. An ethical hiring process is objective, reduces unconscious bias, and eliminates discrimination. For the company, higher productivity, increased employee retention, and a reduction in costs associated with turnover are additional benefits of utilizing assessments during the hiring process. Pre-employment testing allows companies to screen, identify, and assess a candidate at a fraction of the cost of extended work trials. Still, they're only effective when using the right tool.

Dr. Margarida Rafael

Science Officer

Can Quitters Prosper?

A new trend within the workforce has been deemed “quiet quitting,” the act that employees clock into work and actively strive to do the bare minimum regarding their task/performance. According to Gallup, after polling various organizations, half of US workers routinely bail on exceeding expectations by setting boundaries and committing to not working at specified times, they see fit. The trend has created a paradox within the workforce. Employees are not leaving the organization; however, they are staying and actively disengaging in certain areas of their work.

Dejannae Lang

I/O Practitioner